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Firm Profile

GDI (Gazso Design, Inc) is a full service Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Planning firm serving commercial, institutional, and residential clientele. As both architects and landscape architects, we are ideally suited to projects requiring not only traditional architectural services but site, master planning and landscape design services as well. This unique and informed project overview offers distinct advantages for our clients, including improved logistics and coordination to consistency in design quality and approach. From new construction to renovations, GDI is committed to producing functional yet memorable buildings and environs in an innovative and professional manner.

Principal Profile

Chris A. Gazso, Principal of GDI, is educated as both an architect and landscape architect with a diverse professional background that includes architectural and award-winning furniture design in addition to site planning and landscape design. The professional experience he brings to our clientele encompasses both small and large scale projects including commercial and high-rise developments, single and multi-family housing, schools, churches, libraries and interior architecture.

Additionally, Mr. Gazso is involved in numerous extracurricular activities. For fitness, he is a practitioner of Shotokan Karate (current rank of Nidan, or 2nd degree blackbelt) and an avid tennis player. As an additional creative outlet, he is an accomplished jazz/latin/fusion drummer, having played in numerous trios and quartets throughout the Chicago area, including the iconic Green Mill jazz club. And, after uttering the fateful phrase, " Gee, I would really like to restore a car someday", he is finally completing a 5- year (!) restoration to a 1978 Lotus Esprit S2, which has consumed more time, energy (and, naturally, money) than he ever anticipated.

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Gazso Design,Inc
Chicago,IL 60645

Tel:  773-315-0078

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