TMS Medical Supply Shop
Renovation for Corporate headquarters of a retail and residential building f​or a Chicago medical supply company. Exterior cladding comprised of Neoparies, a crystallized glass ceramic product from Japan.
Photo Credits: Apple Group
Office Depot Facade Renovation
Facade redesign from Circuit City to Office Depot in Berwyn, IL.
Art Case
Steel framed, weather proof enclosure for future display of artist George Rhoad's kinetic sculpture, "Good Time Clock", shown right, in Berwyn, IL.
Bank Building Addition and Renovation
Barrington, IL
Interior renovation and third story addition to a former bank building  in Barrington, IL.
Warehouse to Self-Storage Renovation
Evanston, IL
Interior and site renovation to an existing 85,000 square feet warehouse for a 796 unit, climate controlled  self-storage facility.